Whiplash Treatment

If You Have Been in a Car Crash, You Need a Whiplash Chiropractor

Did you know that up to 68 percent of car crashes, even fender-benders, result in whiplash injury? Whiplash is an injury to your neck. It can cause pain and disability that get progressively worse without treatment from a chiropractor specializing in whiplash. Here are some overlooked facts that Dr. Rhett Butler, you auto accident chiropractor for Jacksonville, St Augustine, Orange Park, and Jacksonville, wants you to know about whiplash.


There is no correlation between the damage to your car and the severity of your injuries.

Most modern vehicles suffer little or no damage during a crash of up to 12 miles per hour. More than half of all rear-impact collisions cause no damage to either car. However, you can suffer whiplash in a crash that happens at just 2 miles per hour. You are a lot more fragile than your vehicle.

It usually takes about a year for whiplash symptoms to become fully obvious. Of the more than two-thirds of people in car accidents who develop whiplash, over half don't have serious symptoms until a year later, or even longer. That's because low-impact crashes cause subtle tissue injuries. Your immune system sends out inflammatory hormones to remove microscopic areas of injured tissue in your neck muscles.

It can take weeks for inflammation to cause the muscles in your neck to swell and to begin to tug against your cervical spine. It can take months before the changes in posture and exercise habits you make to accommodate your neck injury begin to pull your spine even further out of alignment, creating even more symptoms. By the time you realize that you need to be seen by your auto accident chiropractor, you may not even remember that your symptoms started as a car accident injury.

Once whiplash symptoms start, they don't usually get better on their own.

Maybe you developed neck pain or headaches or stiffness right away after your car accident injury and you are hoping these symptoms will just go away. Unfortunately, they just won't. You need the attention of your auto accident chiropractor. Doing nothing only makes it harder to get you back to pain-free wellness.

Injuries that start in the neck don't stay in the neck. You need to see your chiropractor as soon as possible to keep your symptoms from becoming worse.

Dr. Rhett Butler is ready to be your auto accident chiropractor.

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